Crown Royal Cask No. 16


I know I criticized Crown Royal for their maple-flavored whiskey, but this is a product they got completely right.  This Canadian Whiskey is a blend of over 50 different whiskies of varying ages, and finished in Cognac oak casks that originate from the Limousin forest in France. The number 16 apparently marks the origin of these casks. It is 40% ABV.

Light orange, yellow, amber hues are present, and there appears to be a fair amount of body. There are notes of orange, lemon, dried apricots, and a generous amount of oak coming alive on the nose. The initial tastes are orange, super smooth oak, a hint of raisin and apricots. All of these notes coupled with the ultra velvety and smooth body of this whiskey make it extremely enjoyable as it coats the mouth. The use of cognac barrels for this whiskey allows the finish to be so silky. Subtle notes of toasted oak are accompanied on a long finish with dried fruit, vanilla, a bit of cinnamon.

Sadly, this whiskey was discontinued in late 2012, so more than likely I will probably not be able to taste this one again.

Score: 8.5 – Superb

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